• Tested and proven performance offer a clear advantage over the competition.
  • Cutting edge design and concept. We evaluate every aspect of a part and the surrounding components to determine the best course of action when developing our performance parts. We excel where others fail!
  • Monster Performance Parts first brought you the Monster XP axle. We are now proud to include brake pads, shocks, and cv joints to the Monster Performance Family!
  • The Monster XP axles we offer have been designed with optimum performance and the desire to add lift kits and large tires in mind.  Every aspect has been thought over and improvements made not just for the use of a lift kit but the ultimate axle performance. Our designs have maintenance and replacement in mind. Our axles are constructed in such a manner to allow easy joint removal and replacement. Our Monster XP axles are like no other, no manufacturer comes close. Period!

 45° angle of operation at both joints, Stock joints are not even close 23° angle on most.

The axle shaft movement (plunge) has been moved from the joints to the axle shaft improving performance, and allowable angle of operation. This also eliminates issues that cause the joints to bind and break. This also allows enough room for twice the plunge of OEM axles. A clear Advantage.  


  • The industries Best Warranty period!
  • Monster shocks have been developed using the same methodology as our Monster axles. The ultimate performance, value and maintenance friendly concepts providing an industry leading advantage.
  • Monster brakes have been designed to bring the maximum capabilities and styles of riding into one single type of pad that utilizes sintered technology for optimum performance.


Monster XP Advantage