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Sometimes bad luck follows you and if its not one thing its another. For ATVs that are out of warranty this can mean costly repairs. Neecy’s Polaris Hawkeye had two failed front outer CV joints wthin a few months time. There was no visible warning before. There were no torn boots, noises or strange feelings when driving. When the first joint failed I went to my mechanic and asked for his recommendation thinking it was time to order a CV joint. He explained that the best deal is a complete axle replacement from The CV Man at CV Restoration. CV Restoration is a manufacturer in Jessup, Maryland. For over 20 years CV Restoration has been manufacturing CV joints, axles and other ATV parts.

My mechanic explained that I could spend $100 for a new joint and about that much for labor. All the while, the CV joint and boot on the other side of the axle is wearing away and could also fail at any time. Alternatively, I can spend $200 for a complete CV Restoration Monster Axle. The complete Monster Axle is fully assembled with two CV joints and thick CV boots on the ends of a heavier duty axle than the stock offering. Plus the labor to replace the whole axle is only about half the labor cost to replace a joint. It’s all common sense at this point.

The Monster Axles are no joke. According to CV Restoration, the bars are almost one inch diameter and are constructed of 43/40 cromolly steel. The boots are thicker than stock making them more puncture resistant. Despite the better quality they are still direct replacements for the OEM parts. This means you can replace a broken OEM axle with a Monster Axle and leave the other axles stock. To back up their quality, CV Restoration offers a one year parts warranty on everything but the CV boots.

CV Restoration offers a full line of CV boots, joints, axles and many other driveline parts for virtually every model of ATV made. To check out their Monster Axles and other products see their website.

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