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Finding the VIN

A Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is an unique 17 digit number made out of letters and numbers that contains a lot of information about that vehicle such as where and when it was made.

Vehicles made at the end of the year are often labeled as being manufactured in the upcoming year even though the two years use different parts. Split year vehicles also use different parts but are made in the same year. In this case you will need to know the month of the manufacture date. Both these problems are typically not apparent, so a VIN can confirm the exact date of manufacture.

By law, all ATVs and UTVs must be issued a VIN. Every vehicle made or sold in the US since 1971 has one. Its location is different between each OEM, but can always be found somewhere permanent. Typically, it is stamped on the frame or a metal plate near the frame.

If you cannot find the VIN, try searching online for the location of the VIN on your particular vehicle or contact the manufacturer and ask them for it's location.

If you do contact the manufacturer, it's best to ask them to decode it for you. We have access to general tools to decode VINs but they are not as sophisticated and detailed as the manufacturer's decoder

Common VIN Locations

  • Left hand side below the motor, but not on the motor as that is a different serial number
  • Top of the steering shaft
  • Behind the brush guard
  • Behind the air filter
  • On the swingarm bearings
  • Near the A-Arm mounts

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