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Installing Split Boots or Bolt-On Boots

  1. Raise vehicle onto jack stands.
  2. Remove old retaining clamps by twisting ear with wire cutters or a screwdriver. Do not reuse the old clamps.
  3. Early GM applications can have a large metal retaining ring. Remove ring by sliding it off the CV joint using a pry bar or large screwdriver, use care to avoid damage to ring, re-use old rings.
  4. Cut away old boot using a utility knife.
  5. Once area is exposed clean entire joint using a clean dry rag.
  6. Inspect joint for damage before proceeding.
  7. Make small cut on corner of grease bag and squeeze as much grease as possible on large end of joint around the cage, race, and balls avoiding any on the sealing surface of the joint.
  8. Place boot around joint and shaft.
  9. Press bolts through tabs and install nuts. Do not over tighten the hardware.
  10. Squeeze all excess grease into large end of boot.
  11. On early GM applications with metal retaining ring you will need to assemble boot, then place metal ring over new boot.
  12. Slide metal retaining ring down joint using a small hammer. Do not hit the CV boot, only the ring.
  13. Install new clamps provided in kit, wrap them as tight as possible by hand and then use an end cutter, side cutter, or tile snips to crimp them tight. After clamps are in place, the installation is complete.

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